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Benefits of Article Writing: Using Articles To Gain Exposure And Expert Status

Using Articles To Gain Exposure And Expert Status

You have a business; you are new and want to build a client list.
However, the public doesn’t know much about you.

One of the best ways to build the relations, credibility and to help get people to know more about you and your area of expertise is to write articles.

People are always looking for good articles for their websites, blogs and newsletters. The important words here are good and content.

Good articles are content rich. The help the reader understand that which you are writing about. It gives them insight, whether it is about Business, Communication, Health or any number of subjects. When you provide an article for your reader, whether you wrote it or published it, you are doing your clients a service by educating them in the areas that they wish to learn.

Moreover, your credibility can be built or diminished by the article.
Articles also help to keep your website updated and helped to increase your search engine ratings. Stagnate websites that never change, get a much lower rating with Google.

As well, do not encourage your audience to come back. They are thinking, ok, I saw it.
Bottom line is, write your articles with your audience, or your customers, in mind.

Even if your ultimate goal is to increase your SEO, your visitors, or your search engine rankings, ultimately, you are talking to real people, and they will decide if your information is worth reading, and worth passing along to others.
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