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Basic Tips to Get Huge traffic on your Blog


One of the most important and common issue faced by a lot of bloggers in blogging field is getting traffic towards their blog. Most of them have misconceptions in their mind about the traffic sources for their blog such as:

You can only get traffic from Google
A lot of content is essential for getting good traffic.
SEO is only way to grab good amount of visitors to blogs.

From the above statements, the first two points seems to be true but third one doesn’t work all the time. Whenever a newbie starts his blogging career and finds out other blogs in same niche which are present from the past 10-12 years then they develop the new idea into their mind that high rankings as well as traffic can only be achieved through writing high quality and long blog posts. Well, this is true but not at all because long posts not rank into the Google search engine all the time.
Well in this guide I am going to share those tips which will help you in getting more readers and traffic towards your blog.

Quality Content and SEO

Quality of blog posts always matters a lot according to search engines. Along with this you need to concentrate on search engine optimization of your blog and articles also if you are wishing to drive more traffic towards your blog. These are the two important factors for getting good traffic towards your blog.

Google Plus

When my fellows ask me that what is best way to get instant traffic on your blog then I just tell them use Google plus because it is best way to bring traffic on your blog posts by sharing them in different communities related to your blog niche. I recommend this because here you can join so many communities and share our blogs there which is best method get views for different nature people.


One of the best and top social media website which is mostly used by business owners in order to make their business go viral all over the world. This is also the one of the best and another useful resource but getting traffic from it is not easy as you first need to get more followers and after that you will be able to drive traffic towards your website.


If you are internet users then you might also be the user of Facebook. For bloggers, Facebook is favorite and best tool that helps them to boost their blog traffic. If you use this tool in right way then this will be helpful in driving quality traffic to blogs.

Blog Commenting & Social Bookmarking

Blog commenting is the best way to engage with the other bloggers in blogging community. Through blog commenting you will get two benefits, one is that you will in touch with other bloggers and second is that your blog back links increases. The more will be blog back links, it will be more effective that blog also. Also you need to utilize the social bookmarking websites (StumbleUpon is best) and need to spend your time in those in order to boost your blog traffic easily.
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