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Bad banners

Banners are the basis of every affiliate campaign.
Affiliate campaigns are long-term thing. Keep trying to play them! Why are banners bad? For the 99% badly used.
They are placed at a position where the visitor enjoys only occasionally strays view never get lost again.

As the least bit right place banners can be found in our article where we pay it.
I do not radical view that the banners be simply switched off. It’s not. Banners are and will be the basis for affiliate campaigns, but must be done properly. Select only efficient and the place.

The truth, however, is the fact that the various portals have the same banners another click-rate. CTR can be generalized, but it is not always perfect and correct.
What works somewhere, else not and vice versa.

How to integrate affiliate links to the article

Links can be added in various ways:

Directly to the classic text – the most fundamental element is the classic hyperlink. It can be put into a separate affiliate article, or simply add the relevant keywords.
When a visitor reads the article, it may take a topic and click through directly from the text. For example, if you write about a healthy lifestyle, just modify the sentence “One of the solutions is a weight loss of personal nutritional adviser” to the new version of “One solution is a weight loss of personal nutritionist. Experts recommend NATURHOUSE “and” NATURHOUSE “refer to the campaign.

Indicated in the text – mark the word in bold, underlined, italic, or give it color. Attract more clicks.
In the text along with the image – the image will attract more attention.
Join him affiliate link.

Use the right product and click on the picture to one can immediately buy. Complement may be a description of the image with the link. People reading only “scanned text” and viewing images. Take advantage of it!

Specific information box – if you have a very thematic and content article, informative promo box can be very effective.
The box to add an image, text and clear message. Box you can call it “recommend”, which brings your authority to promoted a campaign to increase conversion rate.

Call to action element – Article respectively. at the end of the article, you can clear call to action. “I want to lose weight”, “I want to borrow,” “More of green barley” and the like.

Clicking the person gets straight to the advertiser’s site.
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