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Authors - Get Your Articles Published For More Exposure

If you are an author and love to write articles or ebooks, one sure fire way to show off your writing skills and get people to come to your web site for more is to submit articles to niche article directories.

Get Your Articles Published For More Exposure

All types of articles are sought after by webmasters to publish on their websites or send out to their email lists. These articles will link back to your site in a resource box that lists your credentials and provides links to a couple of pages on your site.
Publishing articles using this system can be a huge boost to your traffic and can have other benefits as well.
When you publish articles, you will be able to reach thousands of people with your unique writing style.

If you want to draw people back to you website, you can write on almost any topic, but if you want to let them know that you are an expert writer, you may want to try a few articles on your area of expertise - writing!

No matter what topic you choose, you want something that will grab the readers attention and compel them to click through to your site.

Another benefit has to do with linking. When you publish articles, no reciprocal link is required so you are getting one way links. One way links are valued much more highly by the search engines as they are not as easy to obtain as one way links.
This value will increase even more in the future as the SE’s try to do repress sites that use link farms and other such strategies.

You can get literally thousands of links from just one article! In order to get the highest bang for the buck when submitting articles, Your goal will be to submit to web sites and directories where it has the highest chance to be read and published by webmasters who have a need for content in the particular niche you are targetting.

There are many huge article directories with all kinds of topics and you should submit to those, but you should also submit to targeted niche directories where your article can get straight to those who really want it.

Of course the main reason for writing the articles is to get traffic and that you will. When someone reads your article on another persons site or mailed out to an email list, and if they like your style or your information, they may just click through to your site.
Once you get them on your site, you can impress them even more and end up with a new customer for your articles or books.

Here’s some tips on writing a great article that will help boost your author business:

1. Give your audience an answer to a problem. 

You can get a lot of ideas about what to write about from the emails that people send you through your site - do they ask about choosing a topic to write about?

Then an article about this might be just the thing.
Another thing you can do is put up a poll on your site and ask the users directly what they want to learn more about.

2. Use an attention grabbing headline. 

Get them to read the article with an interesting title, something like "10 Ways To Break Through Writers Block" could compel any aspiring author to click and read.

3. Write in a conversational tone. 

Don’t just spill out a bunch of dry facts, write like you talk. Go back through and read and edit. Use lots of paragraph breaks in your writing.

Don’t fit all the sentences into one or two paragraphs - break them up and even separate single sentences that are important. Readers like to skim so make it easy on their eyes.
Don’t make it too long or too short either about 300 to 600 words is good.

4. Outline your key points. 

A lot of people get writers block when they sit down to start writing - sometimes just jotting down ideas in an outline form can help.
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