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AuctionAds - Advertising Service for eBay Ads

In early March this year ShoeMoneyMedia Group and MediaWhiz Holdings launched an advertising service called AuctionAds which serves ads from the eBay affiliate program.

A few weeks ago I signed up for the AuctionAds service because ads served from the eBay affiliate program through the German affiliate network affilinet are my biggest source of revenue on one of my websites.

AuctionAds Ad Code

Generating the ad code to include AuctionAds on your website is very easy. You can type in up to 15 keywords used as search terms for eBay products choose the ad format and colors used in the displayed ad block. If you have more than one website you can set up campaings to keep track of where AuctionAds works best for you.

The generated ad code can then be placed in an appropriate location on your site. The code is in JavaScript so it works with most browsers if JavaScript is enabled, which is most often the case. See the screen below to get an impression of the ad code generating interface.

AuctionAds Get Code Screen

If you run a Drupal website you can use my AuctionAds Drupal module for AuctionAds integration. It's free and it's open source licensed under the GPL so you can extend it or adjust it to your needs.

Reasons to use AuctionAds

The most obvious reason to use AuctionAds is to make money from your website. AuctionAds is focused on growth and pays out 100% of revenue to publishers. AuctionsAds is a Cost Per Action (CPA) advertising program. An action is a winning bid, a buy-it-now or a confirmed user registration.
AuctionAds is not a contextual advertising service. You enter the keywords you search for and thus have better control of products being displayed on your site.

Every AuctionAds publisher automatically becomes an AuctionAds affiliate. So referring new publishers to to AuctionAds is an additional potential source of income.

AuctionAds uses geo-targeting. Currently Ads are only displayed in English only but if a visitor comes from Germany for example he will be directed to the German eBay website. On a radio show with Jeremy Schoemaker (mp3 download) he announced that support for ad display in other languages will be added in the future.

You can run AuctionAds in conjunction with other advertising programs such as Google AdSense and even with other eBay advertising program services, like Commision Junction or the afore mentioned affilinet.

Some AuctionAds publishers reported that their click through rate from social community sites such as Digg or Reddit is higher than 2% when displaying product links that are interesting for techies.


AuctionAds is a relatively new advertising service for displaying eBay ads on websites. It is easy to use and offers great features to monetize your website. AuctionAds is not limited to one particular country and uses geo-targeting to direct visitors to the appropriate eBay site.

For better internationalization more ad display languages will be supported in the future which will certainly result in more publishers and thus in higher revenue for them.
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