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Article Writing, What Do You See When You Look Into A Two Way Mirror?

Article Writing

The person on the other side of course.
Does the two way mirror effect make any difference when you are writing articles or sales copy? All the difference in the world.

You must answer the question, what is in it for me.

Should you not provide an answer to this question in your writing, the next best thing to do is pack it in, and bid your customer goodbye.
You can bet that the sale is as good as over. Although your product may be filling a need, it is crucial that you further develop that need in the mind of your customer.

You do this by telling your customer about the many benefits of your product.

Some or all of the benefits may be important to your customer.

But which one is most important, or which one is least important? You do not know, do you? If you want to master the two way mirror effect, you must be able to look right through the two way mirror, see your customer on the other side and place yourself in his shoes.

Then, take your benefits and fit them to your customer in order of importance.
The two way mirror effect is about your ability to slip over the other side of the fence in order to see things from your customers point of view. It is the ability to see what your customer sees.

It is never about you and what you see, but rather it is about your customer and what your customer sees.

When you can accomplish that kind of intimate two way mirroring, you will be able to present the benefits of your product in the order that is important to your customer.
Here is an idea that can help you to achieve this.

Look closely at everything that people purchase. Look at their car, their cell phone, look into their shopping bags.

What do you see? Why did they purchase what you see? Put yourself in their shoes.

Then set about writing down reasons why people buy the things that they buy? When you can figure out what those reasons are, then you will be well on your way to mastering the two way mirror effect.

Before you even start your article writing, you must know the important benefits your product provides your customer. Then, line them up in order of importance, based on all the information you can get about your customer and your product.

Unfortunately, many article writers freely use the word I.
It is found in many articles today. Always use the word you. This is how the two way mirror effect operates. In order to master it, the word you must be used liberally.
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