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Article Submissions Better than SEO?

Better than SEO?

In the internet marketing business, two of the top marketing techniques include search engine optimization (SEO) and article submissions.
While both of these marketing techniques seem to have their place and have proven to be somewhat effective, in many ways it is beginning to appear that using article submissions is actually the better way to go.

While many people are dead set on SEO being the best marketing technique, a closer look reveals that article submissions have many advantages that SEO cannot even come close to.

Visibility to Thousands of Sites

One of the first things that shows how much better article submissions are than SEO is the fact that articles provide you with visibility to thousands of sites.
Sure, search engine optimization may raise your rank on the search engines, but it can never give you the huge visibility that article submissions can.

Targeted Audience

Not only do article submissions provide you with visibility to thousands of sites, but they also help you to reach your target audience as well.
When you write articles and submit them, usually the only people who are going to be reading those articles are people who were looking for information on that topic, which means that they are in your target audience.

That means when they come to your website from your article, you only have targeted traffic coming in, instead of wasting time on traffic that is not really what you want.

Cost Effective

Article submissions are also far more cost effective than SEO.

Having your website search engine optimized can take a huge amount of money; however, article submissions are usually free if you write them yourself.

Even if you have to hire someone to write your articles, it will still be much cheaper than SEO.

Time Effective

Using article submissions instead of SEO is also more time effective as well. Properly optimizing a website for search engines can take a huge amount of time.

On the other hand, writing articles does not have to take much time at all, especially if you hire someone to write them for you. So, you can save a huge amount of time and actually start bringing more traffic to your site too.

As you can see, using article submissions is definitely a great internet marketing technique. There are so many advantages that far outweigh SEO.

You will save time and money, while driving more of the traffic that you want to your site. The increase in targeted traffic will also lead to more profit for you as well.

So, you decide - Article submissions or SEO?
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