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Article Submission : Generate traffic | Get high quality 1-way links


Article Submission

Its very difficult to guess, what criteria google uses to rank websites because google keeps on changing the way it ranks? One thing for sure; if you have no. of high quality 1-way links to your site, your site will get good ranking.

There are lots of paid sites which back links to your site for some amount but everybody is not willing to pay now a days. 

There are three ways; you can get high quality 1-way links free of cost: Blogging, Posting in forums and Articles Submission in quality sites but the topic you are posting, blogging or submitting should be similar to the contents of your site. 
Among all; Article submission is the best free method to generate traffic and get high quality 1-way links. If your articles are good enough to understand and having quality contents and as soon as your article is approved; the articles themselves will circulate around the web as they are recommended by other sites and directories.

If you are serious about promoting your site, then you should keep on posting the articles in Articles submission sites. There is no. of good free articles submission sites like http://ezinearticles.com, www.e-articles.info, www.articletrader.com, seoarticles4u.com, articledragon.com etc. If your articles are approved by high PR sites, you will get valuable 1-way links.

Most article directories allow you to include up to three links to your website in the “About the Author” resource box. Here you can put the links of your site’s sub pages, just to ensure you are back linking most of your site’s pages. 
But Submitting articles can take most of your time and if you don’t have enough time to post the articles. 

To solve your problem there are many firms who can submit your articles on your behalf in reasonable price but sometimes that is not acceptable. To save your time and money I have found a free tool which can submit your article in thousands of directories. Its absolutely free of cost.You can download the tool from http://articlesubmitter.imwishlist.com
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