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Are You Finding Short of Ideas or Short of time

Yesterday, I visited some of my favorite blogs after a gap of around 3 days as I was busy with my studies and personal stuff. I was excited to visit these blogs as I was hoping that some new and knowledge stuff would have been added in these 3 days and it will be an entertaining read. I want to add that these are the blogs which I love to read and admire the blog owners as what they right is pretty straight forward and relevant. The content is enjoyable and makes sense.

But I was disappointed to see that none of the blogs were updated. They had the same old posts on the homepage when I visited them last time. And this is the reason that I am writing this post.

Are the bloggers running short of ideas to write or running short of time to write about the ideas they have?

I would not be able to name any blogs here but here is what I have seen in one blog. The blog is few months old but he has surpassed many blogs started before it when it comes to traffic and visitors. And he writes good basic content. 2 months back, he was writing 1 post daily which I loved to read because of their simplicity. But recently, I have witnessed a huge drop in his posting frequency. From one post per day, it has come down to one post per 3-4 days.


It may be possible. After all, this niche will also saturate sooner or later (although I wish it never happens). And it is possible that bloggers are finding it difficult to write that has never been written before. Also, the rise in number of bloggers in this niche has made the competition tougher. So, the bloggers always want to write the best content which might take time to complete. Getting new topics to write every single day is lot difficult than it sounds.


This is a major concern than the first one and I am victim of less time than less ideas. World may have become small as people say that life has become busier. Personally, I feel that 24 hours a day are less as I want to do lot of things but do not have that much time. And I confess, there have been days when I had ideas to write but my daily schedule does not leave me with enough energy to sit down for article writing.


Well if you are short of ideas, then you need to work hard to generate some. Go back to when you were good at writing and re-employ that strategy. Your blog needs constant good content and you should know that. Your blog content should be sacrosanct.

If you are finding yourself short of time, then I will suggest you to make most of it. If you normally take 20 minutes to write and have 10 minutes in hand, write as much as you can. This may take 3-4 sittings to write a single article but I assure you, you will feel relaxed when you will be completing one article for your blog.
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