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6 Google SEO Tools To Optimize Your Blog

Search  Engine is the Best way to get traffic. On-Page and Off-page Optimization are main factors for increasing the search engine rankings. 
Having full of options for Checking our site metrics, we may prefer different Softwares and Sites. Here, in this article, we mentioned the Google Tools which contribute to Search Engine Optimization.


Free Google SEO Tools Help to Optimize your Website:



Google Webmasters:

It helps to submit your Content to the Search Engine. This tool provides you information about the Backlinks, Keywords and impressions on our Website. It also contributes to Index our website better and improve On-Page Optimization


Google Trends:

It is the simple and basic recommended tool to Check the ” Latest topic ” trending in the search engines. Writing Articles on the Search based topics will improve the Rankings of Site/Blog


Google Insights:

This tool is used to check the site tags, the error can be called as bugs and guides you to fixing those problems, It mainly helps to optimise a site for Mobile View Which would Increase the site rank in search engine.


Google Keyword Planner:

One the best tools for keyword analysis. Search for the topics relevant to your niche and Go for Keyword With low competition and high Searches. It will increase the whole authority since it will help to choose a keyword which may rank your site on top of Search results. 


Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is useful for site Analysis like Pageviews, source of traffic ( social media / Search Engine ) and Content Overview


Google Alerts:

It helps you know the latest Information related to a particular ” Keyword “. Useful to be updated about an issue or Problems in Blogosphere.
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