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You must be familiar with the word Google, and if you are having internet connection at your home, you may also use it many times aYo day.

Search engines like Google follow some rules known as Search engine optimization to rank various blogs present on the internet. To ranker higher and gain traffic, you have to optimize your blog for Seo.If you are not familiar with Seo, so read my previous post  “What is Seo & Why blogs,website need Seo?”  .

It is the key for successful blog and most of the web traffic we get is from Seo only.
Blogging is not about only producing quality content, we also have to look after search engine optimization aspects as well, to rank higher in search engine.


Five Easy Ways to optimize Your Blog.

Keyword research.

The first way to optimize your blog is to conduct a proper keyword research, use research tools such as Market samurai, free Google keyword tool and wordtracker etc.These tools will help you enlarge your keyword list by offering a number of suggestions related to your keyword. Always try choosing a keyword which is less competitive as well as, being highly searched and according to that choose an appropriate title for your post.


Include your keyword in blog title.

Having identified the keywords you are going to target; the next step to optimize your blog is to put your keywords in your blog title. And when you use keywords in your blog title, the h1 tag and title tag will automatically becomes your keywords. Page title tells both the search engine and readers what’s on the page.


Repeat keywords in your post.

Repetition of keywords in your blog post is known as keyword density. Use your keyword throughout your blog post but don’t over use it, overusing is not good when it comes to seo. Try to use to your keyword as early as possible in your post or in a H2 tag. Using your keyword early will attract your readers and it may also have little impact on your ranking.


Include images related to your keyword.

This is the easiest step to optimize your blog. Find images related to keyword and use your keyword in the alt description of your image. Including images in your blog increases the visibility  and accessibility of your blog.


Customize your permalink

Always include keyword in your URL. It is good to include your title (which has your keyword) in your URL. You can change your URL by going to permalink setting in your wordpress dashboard. Having well-built  permalink structure is considered best for optimizing your blog for Seo.Don’t use the default permalink setting in wordpress.It is not considered good for Search engine optimization.
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