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How To Upload Photos On Instagram Via Laptop

Instagram over 400 million active users monthly, and 75 million people log on every day, there are more enhanced filter creations from you. Instagram is a mobile phone application, though it can be a bit tricky on the Laptop, even with an official application is now available. Here on the article this time we will discuss how to upload photos on instagram via laptop.

When you login Instagram, the main page will display feeds photos you just like that on the application itself. At the top of the page you will also see three icons on the top right corner. This is to discover (find new people to follow), notification (which like the picture), and profile (all images you upload). Using this you can still enjoy the many pictures that have been handed out, but there is no way to edit or add to Your collection of photos.

How To Upload Photos On Instagram Via Laptop

Also, you can now download a special application Instagram Windows from Windows Store, but you still won't be able to upload any image without a touch screen laptop or tablet. Read on for the solution.

Then how do I upload photos on instagram via laptop?

There are a number of third party applications that extend the features of Windows on laptops on Instagram. One that allows the upload is InstaPic, which can be downloaded from the Windows Store. To do this, go to taskbar on the desktop on your laptop and click on the Store Icon, a bag that has the Windows logo in the Center. When the Store is open, you just need to click on the search bar in the upper right corner and enter InstaPic. Once you find the application on the screen, click on the Free button to install it on your laptop, and then click Open.

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When launching the application, you must click on the Register button and create a new account. With that done, you link accounts Instagram you and then you can upload photos directly from your laptop via instagram app InstaPic. We are having some problems with the functioning of other applications, especially could not see the schedule because the find friends feature on Instagram proved unresponsive, plus often a lack of notice. With this we thought it would be best to address InstaPic as pure image editor and uploader which worked together with the web version of Instagram.

At the top of the screen you will see various icons for Search, notification/Love, profiling, and Instagram live. the latter allows you to send personal photos to a particular user. We want to focus on the right Shutter icon Instagram directly. Clicking this opens Your PC camera.

From here you can click the blue circle button to take a picture, or click on the button rectangle on the left side who opened Windows Explorer and allows you search for every photo you have on your computer.

When you find a photo that you want to post to the laptop via Instagram, double-click to open the editing window.

Now you can go through the normal process of enhancing photos. These include cropping, applying filters, and editing features you would expect on a mobile version of Instagram. We found that the selection filter is quite small, with a few of our favorite lost, but if you really want to use your laptop to post on the service then this is the best offer you can find.

When you're finished touching up photos click the arrow in the upper right corner and you will see the Share menu appears. Same as in Instagram now you can write captions, tag each person in the picture, and send it to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr or if you are already connected to that account.
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