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New Features Instagram Stories More Popular Than Snapchat

Instagram already announced that more than 200 million people today often use Stories that appear every day. It's pretty impressive, considering Instagram launches Snapchat ripoff just eight months ago, but you may be wondering why Facebook's proprietary social networking would call a random number. Here's why: Snapchat rival in the February IPO filing reveals that "on average, the 158 million people use Snapchat everyday."

Meanwhile, Instagram has also today introduced some new tools, including the ability to change selfie into stickers.

New Features Instagram Stories More Popular Than Snapchat

Another Instagram Info:

"When you take a photo or video and press smiley face, you will see a sticker with the new camera icon which allows you to capture mini-selfie," Instagram explains in his blog post. Then you can pin sticker selfie You to a certain place in the video. To do that, simply press and hold the bumper sticker, a place where you like, and confirm by pressing the "Pin."

New Features Instagram Stories

Instagram also introduced "geostickers" for them in Chicago, London, Madrid, and Tokyo. It's basically the same thing as geofilters Snapchat: Funny Graphics stickers that are only available in certain locations.

It also makes is now easier to access your favorite stickers on Instagram. Just press the face smiled and bowed to the right to see all the recently used stickers. Finally, when you are recording video using the mode "Hands-Free", you will now see a timer counting down when the video starts.
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