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Like Snapchat, Instagram Stories Now Use Geostickers

Like Snapchat, Instagram Stories Now Use Geostickers
Snapchat gives users a special sticker location for locked back in August and now Instagram doing the same thing. With the latest update to photo sharing application, you can now use geostickers to decorate your pictures and videos in Stories Instagram.

Now though, this feature is only available in two cities: NYC and Jakarta. However, the company says that there are more than a dozen options for each locale.

When you press a key on the sticker Stories, you will see the option of a special location at the top of the menu. If you head over to the particular environment-such as Brooklyn, for example-you will see a new option is only available in the area or a particular landmark.

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Instagram Stories Now Use Geostickers

Just like when you add a location to my snippet of your story, this new geostickers will bring viewers to a map of the place so that they can view photos and videos from other users. Of course, your story is still only visible to your followers.

There is no word on the location of the sticker is specific to other cities, but it's safe to assume more are on the way. For now, you can use this tool when visiting New York and Jakarta after the update to the latest version of Instagram via the App Store or Google's Play.
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