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How to Share location sharing Whatsapp Easily

How to share/share location on WhatsApp? Being able to share the address from Google Maps to IM the practical application is very necessary these days. While this option includes WhatsApp by default, still only lets you share your current location or the nearest place of folders, nothing far flung locations on the map. To share location sharing WhatsApp, you must go to the applications folder and share/share from there. Here we explain how to do it.

If you need to send a link to your current location, the process is fairly simple. In the case of WhatsApp, you can drop down button share in conversation (a paper clip icon at the top right of the screen) and select a location.

When you enter on the site, you are going to activate system dipinta GPS location on your Android device. It's done, the map will appear with your location and places of interest. When You click on one of your friends on WhatsApp will send Your WhatsApp chat locations on the split/share location on WhatsApp.

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Share Your Location Anywhere

In this case, you must use the application folder on your device, and from there to send a link to the conversation in question. In the case of Google Maps, once the application starts, you should find a purpose, either by typing it into the search box or mark it with your finger exactly on the map by swiping upwards on the lower tab in the address where it appears.

How to Share location sharing Whatsapp Easily

There you will see the share button where you can send locations to WhatsApp conversation or other services that are installed on your device, including your email client or take down the application.

How to Sharing Location Whatsapp Easily

In contrast to the above process, in addition to be able to send any address, in this case you would send the URL that can be opened either from the application of the map on a desktop web browser or smartphone.

Share Site WhatsApp from your PC

The two previous steps focused exclusively on Android devices, though from a desktop computer this process is practically the same. Access the web version of Google Maps and do a search in question will generate a URL that you can extract from the address bar and paste it wherever you need it (in the web version of WhatsApp, for example).
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