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How To Save Photos Instagram To Laptop or PC

How To save photos Instagram to laptop or PC
There are several ways to back up Your photos on Instagram PC or laptop, this is where we list some of the best methods so you can learn how to save the image to your laptop or PC Instagram.

The fastest and easiest way to save save the photos on Instagram laptop or PC is by using site Instaport on your computer. This is a service that will go into your account and You automatically Instagram download all your photos to a zip file at the click of a button.

The next thing you need to do is enter various numbers/dated who want to download and then click on the button New exports.

Now all you need to do is wait. Depending on how many photos you have on your account your time download Instagram will vary.

After the download is finished, you just have to unzip the downloaded file and all the photos you'll tidy Instagram saved as jpeg files.

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Save save the photo to your laptop or PC Instagram

An alternative way to save is to save Your Instagram data of the photos you have on your smartphone.
To do this, open the Instagram on your smartphone and go to your profile. From here you need to go to Options (symbol teeth if you are on iOS devices, or three points if you use Android verticle).

Now make sure that the switch is the star of the library is enabled. After this, all of the pictures that you take from the app Instagram album will be saved to your camera. The next time you create a backup of your phone to the PC or laptop, you will be on instagram images uploaded as well.

How do I save store photos Instagram to a laptop or PC via Facebook

The last way you can save save the photo to Your Instagram laptop or PC is by linking your account on Facebook and then manually saving photo data one by one.
It is a bit tiring, but the method can be done by connecting the Instragram to your Facebook account via a menu option in the app Instagram You on your smartphone.

From here you can view all Your Instragram photos on Facebook by going to the Your Profile Photo Album > > > Instagram Photo. Next (take) your task is to enlarge each photo that you want to save, right click on it and select Save Image As.

You just need to choose where you want to save your files and photos to be downloaded as jpeg files.
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