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How To Remove Last Seen WhatsApp On Android Phone Easily

How To Remove Last Seen WhatsApp On Android Phone Easily
Whatsapp is android applications that allow you to send voice notes, messages, and attachments to your friends and colleagues for free if they have installed the application. After installation, the user recognizes WhatsApp from your phonebook, and if they have WhatsApp account they will automatically be added to your list, and then you can call them and send SMS messages or images.

Sometimes, it can be really annoying, the application will show you when you are online, which means that you see a specific message, even when you don't want others to know about it. Whatsapp does not have an option to disable option was last seen. But, don't worry, there is a solution, and with a few steps, we'll show you how to remove the last seen on WhatsApp on android.

How to remove Last Seen on Whatsapp Easily

There are two ways to remove the last seen/last seen on WhatsApp on android. The first is by using the application "invisible last/last seen" and the second option is a manual method for users who want to solve this problem without installing another application.

Disable last seen on Whatsapp uses "Last Not URSeen.apk".

This will restrict applications from your status update Whatsapp about reading your message. (Last seen/last seen). You can not download apps from Google Play Store, so you can manually search for and download from the internet. This is the link.

Another Whatsapp Info:

How does it work?

This application will block the server to update the status of the last visible/last seen you.

The first step is to download and install the application "WhatsApp Last seen".
Open the application and marking "views the last Block"

Now go into WhatsApp and you will see that your internet connection is switched off.

If you do not want to install the new application there is another solution.

Manual methods to remove last seen/last seen on WhatsApp on android.
  1. Turn off the Wifi mobile phone.
  2. Go To Whatsapp. Usually use WhatsApp and send some messages.
  3. Close the WatsApp, now allows Internet and Wifi. So the Internet is linking back, WhatsApp will synchronize with the server and the message will be sent. The server will not show your online status of the last update.
Another way of eliminating last seen on Whatsapp:
Open application, press the menu button WhatsApp > > > Privacy Settings Last Seen > Change from everyone for nothing.
That's the discussion this time about how to eliminate the last seen on WhatsApp. May be useful.

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