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How To Live On Instagram

How To Live On Instagram
How to live on Instagram – there are certain times in life that you want your friends from out of town can share with you. There are moments in which the time of cleaning the House or dinner, fun family holiday party-like. Hope you can share it with others.

This is the right moment so that you can live instagram, where moments You can broadcast live video to friends on social media platforms. Instagram is the latest application to allow live video, but how do I order for Instagram can live video?.

This is quite simple and available for all user Instagram.

Instagram has now joined many social media competition by allowing users to broadcast video live from the app.

This feature has been available in the US since November, and then how to so can live video instagram?

Another Instgram Tips:

The following steps way for instagram can live video:

  1. Slide to the right on the main screen to get the camera
  2. Slide it to the left along the bottom of the screen to go from ' normal ' for ' Live '
  3. Press ' Start Live Video '

What happens when You're doing live video on instagram?

People who follow you will get a notice and while you're shooting, you can pin a comment so everyone can see it.
Or, you can disable comments altogether.

If someone you follow the starting the story live, you'll see a "Live" under their profile picture in Stories.

During the broadcast, you can comment and like it as much as you want.
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