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Here's How To Find Out Your Friend Blocked Your Whatsapp

How to know the account blocked, the way friends WhatsApp knowing WhatsApp is blocked.
Whatsapp is a instant messenger application that is very popular and most widely used its growth around the world. With more than a billion monthly active users, need some privacy options for user WhatsApp features that include some aimed at users ' privacy. There is ability to hide last seen or last visible, the profile image, status and even blocking contacts.

Here's How To Find Out Your Friend Blocked Your Whatsapp

How To Find Out Whatsapp Blocked

However, there are times when the user wants to know how to find out his account blocked on WhatsApp WhatsApp. Although there are no methods of proof, here are a few things you can do to find out someone's blocked: WhatsApp account

Anhoter Info Whatsapp :

1. The check was last seen (last seen)

When a contact block you on WhatsApp, you will not be able to see the last time they were seen. So, if you do not see a contact was last seen, you can take it as an indication that he might have blocked you. However, WhatsApp includes the ability to hide the last visible, so this is not a guarantee that you have blocked.

2. Send a message

You can also try sending a message to a contact that you think may have blocked you, and if a message you send shows a check mark, you may have been blocked. The problem with this method is that there is a trick to view the messages without online, which produced one check mark, so you can't be sure that you have blocked. If the message gets a double check mark, it means the device has landed in the message recipients and you certainly are not blocked.

3. Search profile changes

If you see your contacts status with stagnant or the same old profile pictures, which has not changed for a long time, she might have blocked you. That's because when you are blocked by someone, you can't see their profile picture change or a new status. However, WhatsApp lets people hide profile picture and status as well, so You cannot confirm whether they hide it or block you.

4. Make a call

This is tangible evidence that you may have been blocked by someone. If you contact someone on WhatsApp and they never pick it up, you may have been blocked because if someone is blocking you, they will not receive your call notification.

5. try to add contacts to a group

If you feel the contact has been holding you back, you can check it out by adding them to the group. You can create a group of false to write the text and trying to add contacts to the group. If you have been blocked by a particular contact, you will get a message saying "cannot add a contact".

That's how to find out someone's blocked account Whatsapp, I hope this post could be useful for you. All this and thanks.
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