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This is How to Cancel a Message If You Sent To Your Friend On WhatsApp

If you send a message to the wrong WhatsApp? or you regret it had been sending messages WhatsApp? Do you want to cancel the message WhatsApp from being sent to recipients? If you accidentally send the photos to the wrong people? Do not worry, because there is no way to cancel the message sent before WhatsApp read.

You regularly send messages and pictures to your friends via WhatsApp, and you may experience text messaging send WhatsApp wrong. In the worst case, you can even send photos especially when one sends several images simultaneously to several people.

Fortunately, there are solutions. If you already sent a message to someone that you don't want, and you see the icon, it means that the message has not been sent yet, or there is a lack of coverage data. In this case, You still have time to fix it and cancel the message has been sent.

This is How to Cancel a Message If You Sent To Your Friend On WhatsApp

Cancel The Message ON WhatsApp

How to recall a message sent WhatsApp?

To remember the messages before they are sent, do the following:

Click on your message was mistakenly sent. Press on the "delete" in the window that will appear.

Keep in mind that this procedure only works if the message has not been marked as the message is sent (grey list).

What happens if I accidentally sending the image (or video) to the wrong people?

Well, you can cancel the message WhatsApp, but you have to be fast.

Delete WhatsApp pictures or videos posted? You need to take action fast!

Whatsapp takes a few seconds to load your media (photos and videos), and these are precious moments where do I cancel message WhatsApp is to take action and stop and cancel message sending WhatsApp. Here's how to cancel your WhatsApp messages:

Immediately turn off mobile data and Wi-Fi. The fastest way to blocking internet connection is by airplane mode, which can be easily reached from the notification bar (both on iPhone and Android or other device that has a notification bar)

After disabling your internet connection, you will see a red exclamation mark next to the message if you do it at that time. This indicates that the message was blocked.

The next step is to click on the image to bring up the pull-down menu and click Delete. Just one click Delete and files will be permanently revoked from WhatsApp, without anyone reading it.

Remember, the key is speed. Therefore, it is good to remember that the quickest way to turn off the internet connection that is by airplane mode. This method also works without closing WhatsApp, because enough to disconnect the phone from the Internet.

That's the discussion this time on how to remove the message WhatsApp, may be useful for you. All this and thanks

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