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Write Blog Articles As A Journalist

Do you like reading newspapers?
Which part are you most like from the newspaper?
Photos of the artist, short stories, ads, or news?

At the core of that newspaper contains news. While the other part is just as supporters.
The newspaper could be present every day because of the struggles of the coolies ink with full vigor and dedication, doing investigative and process data into the news.
What do you think about the porters ink? A cool name for news seekers. Reporters, journalists, mosquito press, unique names are embedded in their profession.
Write Blog Articles As A Journalist

The reporters wrote news be regulated by law. They are subject to the regulations and codes of journalism. Journalists should write factual news. Appropriate facts and data in the field. Breaking news based on assumptions while waiting for the completeness of the data it can be. But writing factual not opinion with news is not allowed.
Any information should remain based on the data and the fact that diperolep in the form of a photograph, a description of the perpetrator, witnesses, police officers, or at the hospital.

News reporters writing usually existed in inverted pyramid. That is in the form of several paragraphs in the initial paragraph of core or called leads, and alenia and additional supporting paragraph form in the next section.

With the system in the form of inverted pyramid writing then it will make it easier for the reader to know the information from the initial reading. And get additional information proponent when continue reading.
The writings of journalist also contains the principle of 5w + 1 h. That is What, why, where, when, who, and how.
Here's the breakdown:

1. What

This is the essence of a news. Shows. The material object. The question of What form it would unearth information of an object which will be pursing a discussion on categories and definitions.
-What kejadianya
-What is the meaning of
-Aoa motive
-What is undertaken
And many more news material can be excavated with the word what.
A scientist to say about something from the question what will do research, even decades so that what he was seeking about what this can be missed. The variable can be of research it is collected and processed, and then appears a description of a category. To finalising all that scientists had to stand in front of Examiners, until his work about what could emerge as a description.
The reporters will conduct data collection it with an investigation that is performing a search and interviews with all the related party.

2. Why

You still remember in the 90 's there was a television show that aired the show with the heading "why this why is it so?"
This event for this is about knowledge that is all around us. For example, why sugar tastes sweet?, why humans do not have tails?, why ship can float? And so on.
This question will dig deeper into the events concerning the cause of an event.
For example, in the case of the deadly collision. :
-why it can happen?
-why the truck could be terjungkir?
-Why terlindas rider?
-Why fight the direction?
These are just examples, and much more material can be excavated with the question why.

3. Where

Description of the place in the form of the name of a country, province, city, district, sub-district, kelurahan even street names and house numbers are very important. This identification is required in order for the reader to know this information correctly. The reason is related to the identity and the place of the event.
Even google put special attention on this by creating application called google map. You no where, where, where to eat, where your friend, which areas, will all be answered using this application.
You will be able to navigate google map with a guide in the conduct of a journey. To be able to know exactly how many minutes it takes to get to a place.

4. Who's 

The existence of the subject of the news will be tergali of this question. The kongklusinya will be revealed clearly the people involved in it.
In the case of corruption, for example, involved corruption identified with the three things

-Any loss of State
-There are benefits
-There is abuse of authority.

With this question will terkorek are in, who are already using state money?, who benefit, who officials who abuse their authority?
In the process of with this question will emerge all the elements of the completeness of the information. Who are the terdakwanya, who are his witnesses, who arrested him, who reported, who process, and so on.

5. When-Where/when would

The identity of someone else tied to time. She was known by the date of birth. In writing of the events, a journalist wrote down the time at the beginning of the paragraph as the initial description, for example if in the paper will be written right corner. Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 27, 2016. In the news online any upload date would be written at the beginning of the paragraph. Even a computer can not be used for internet activities when the time is not correctly gives a chance.
All applications serving users with time base. For example if we play on FB, then we could see our akfifitas, and our teman2 from this years and years ago.
Even a judge will ask the witnesses, "brother witness on 15 april at 13.30 actually saw the defendant come out along with a young woman from the hotel", so roughly.


In question this is a mastery test. By asking how many opinions will appear an event can happen. Combining the event with the assumption it could possibly do, but create redundant opinion will mwngakibafkan mess of information. Process data by performing a manoeuvre in choosing diction truly indispensable in this regard.
The information written in the overlap will not bring a solution. The bottom line, a journalist sued creative and sensitive in conveying a news, so as not to give rise to kegoncangan opinion.
With the question of How, kompleksifitas an event would be prominent. In the case of corruption for example will bring up various facts and events.
For example,
-How can he be arrested
-how high can do an official corruption?
-How to capture process?
-How could the corruptor's own deposits?
-How can his wife know?
It's also just an example, and in the field journalists would do a study of the various aspects, even from fellow journalists.

How the blogger making the paper as a reporter?
In General, in the dasbord blogger already existing facilities for setting rules 5W + 1 h it. The next task is to fill the blogs with quality content and provide benefits.
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