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Using the www or not on a special subdomain or domain ??

Subdomains or special domain can basically be accessed using the www or without www. The second alternative it is of course normal for us to apply.
On a subdomain of free blog providers like bloggers for example, also provides for a user to configure the domain, usually after configuration (Ponting) a URL address can still be accessed without using -www.

Examples in this blog before pointing the domain as it is today can be accessed without using, and after pointing precisely addresses this blog can not be accessed if it is not using the www (but has been optimized). you might ask if I intentionally do it or not because the longer the optimization seo? not, seo affairs dealing with the url has nothing to do with it or not using url-www. unless for good looking it might be because the professional-looking website address if using the www that are universal.

But there are also some bloggers were happy to use without the www subdomain. for example http://om-blogging.blogspot.com can be accessed without using the www., no wonder that since blogger platform already provides configuration settings to be as it was on the grounds that would more seo friendly. is it true? I think seo affairs with or without the www has no relation.

Good is access to a domain without www ??

Personally I do not recommend it though to do it very easy, because there are sources that I get to say that using the www turned out to have different technically, according to the source domains using www own host server more flexible with dns server then restrict cookies that are stored on the user's computer while accessing multiple sub domains, so my advice to still use the www domain or subdomain.

How to come up with www on a specific domain (TLD)

  1. sign in to your blog account page
  2. Select menu settings - basic
  3. Publishing a blog address, click edit
    Menggunakan www atau tidak pada subdomain

Click save and now your own domain can be accessed using (www). although previously visited without using "www".

Thus how to use or how to come up with www every time you access your domain. helpful hope yah. next please know What is the difference between hosting and domain
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